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I love your FBPage and website. Very social Mediaie!(sp). Way to go! I look forward to following you and viewing all your wonderful art work! Happy painting, Diane
Diane - 3 Feb 2018
Jan, I love your vibrant colours and bold interpretations of your subjects. Your experimental use of texture in all your paintings is really interesting too. I look forward to seeing lots more of your work!
jodie blaney - 21 May 2017
Hello Jan I saw your work at Blenz in Tsawwassen and I just wanted to compliment your on your artistry and amazing colours and textures. Absolutely stunning!
Kirsty - 11 Aug 2016
i saw ur art at Blenz. totally awesome. i am an artist on vancouver island. would love to collaborate some time....
christine randolph - 23 May 2016
I first met Jan at a gathering with some wonderful women but didn't know she was an artist. Then I attended a showing of artists and Jan's creations were there. I was excited!. It was so well received. Her work is so fluid and unique. Each piece tells a story of her personal encounters that is seen with so much warmth and soul. There are so many I am connected to and the diversity is what makes Jan's art so special.
Patricia Cosgrave - 13 May 2015
So blessed to become the proud owner of 'Born to be Wild'! Our church worships in the South Delta Artists Guild building ever Sunday. It's a gift to have moving and changing stained glass every week. I was immediately drawn to Jan's work a couple of weeks ago, it was hard to choose a new piece for my office. In the end the colours, texture and passion in 'Born to be Wild' won my heart. Jan you have a gift, keep on painting and sharing your talent!
Karen Parford - 19 Apr 2015
I stumbled upon Jan's stunning artwork by accident yesterday. All of my favorite pieces at the south delta artists guild where hers! I hope to have one in my home some day.
Rhea Lazar - 6 Apr 2015
I love your art Jan!...you are such a talented artist...thanks so much for touching our lives as you do through your beauty and appreciation for life and living things. I love the title of your latest painting, "Born To Be Wild"...You help us viewers of your art get in touch with and appreciate the wildness and beauty in and outside of ourselves through your works of art (that piece in particular)...
Lorraine MacLeay - 30 Mar 2015
Its been amazing watching Jan quickly blossom into a very talented artist. Love viewing your photography....such a great eye. Now seeing your artwork unfold....each one bursts with colour & you add a new dimension with each piece. You arent shy to try new mediums..and are growing in leaps & bounds. Anyone would be happy to have an original Jan Rankin hanging. Can hardly wait for your first showing. Congratulations on your amazing talent!!
Donna Searls - 22 Feb 2015
A very talented lady from early paintings progressing to present day. The balance of colour, texture and subject are energetic and always interesting. Makes me feel like I should pick up the brushes again.
Bruce Hutchison - 14 Feb 2015
Although I've just recently discovered Jan Ranking and her beautiful art, I can honestly say I would love to have so many of her paintings. The colors are vibrant and appropriate. My favorite is Voices, I loved it as soon as I saw it and one day I'll own it. She also has some beautiful 'peaceful' art too. I don't know how she does it and does it so well. A wonderful artist who's love of nature reflects in her work.
Sandr Speth - 14 Feb 2015
my valentine to you Ms Jan! I have had the pleasure of watching an artist be born! Your work speaks volumes about your vision,spirit and incredible way of seeing and being. You translate your photographer eye through the paint brush and give us a new use of paint and colour. Your work is distinct and emotional and truly representative of yourself. I am serious when I say I want your autograph! may the painting fervour always be with you.
Gloria Tyller - 14 Feb 2015
Well my artiste friend I've watch your inner artist energy from 'Dolphins on a Wire' to poetry in motion. The movement and fluidity In your newer pieces are amazing. You have come into your style and your paintings are reflective of your growth. I stand in awe.
Diane Padmore - 14 Feb 2015
I love the way you always have balance, through shape, colour and texture. Your contrasts are always so unexpected and stunning!
Wendy Scott - 14 Feb 2015
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