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I'm so happy that "North Shore'' has been accepted to the 2017 Painting on the Edge Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver July 18 - August 6/17. Painting on the Edge is an International open call, competition and exhibition open to all artists worldwide. (Best to open the photo to see the whole painting). The Federation Gallery is at 1241 Cartwright, Granville Island.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 40" x 16"

(posted on 23 May 2017)

I'm so pleased that "Anticipation" has been accepted by jury into the upcoming Oil & Water exhibition at Gallery 1710 in Tsawwassen, BC. This is one from a series of 4 pieces. All pieces can be seen in the Seasons Gallery page on my website.

Reception is June 1, 2017 from 6:30 - 8:30. I look forward to seeing you there!

Exhibit runs from June 1 to 24, 2017. There are 83 amazing works.

I'm so excited that "GYPSY" has been selected for the upcoming LUMINESCENCE ll exhibition. The big event night is March 18, 2017 at the Deer Lake Gallery. For all the great details of the opening event please follow the link. I hope to see you there! The exhibition runs to April 8th.


(posted on 15 May 2016)

Earthwise Gardens in Tsawwassen, BC is a truly magical place for both organic gardeners and flower lovers. Spots like the Hummingbird Garden, the Butterfly Garden are dense, lush and highly colourful to attract bees and of course, hummingbirds and butterflies. The gardens also attract painters who love to work outdoors.

I have painted a few florals but generally I'm not a paint the flowers kind of artist and definitely not garden scenes. To date, all of my work has been created from photographs of places I've been, things I have seen or inspired by songs and poems.

En plein air painting has always seemed daunting to me. I paint rather slowly and I paint in acrylics - fast drying paint. Interesting combination. Painting outside means the paint will dry even faster. There are many opportunities to paint with plein air groups and competitions but nothing has moved me to get out there. Until a chance to paint at Earthwise came up. I put aside my "I can't do that" thinking and tagged along with some good mentors on the past few warm and sunny Saturdays. I had fun. And, I discovered some ways to work with the paint and then to take the sketch and work it a bit more at the studio.

Hi friends!

I happy to tell you that some of my work will be on display at Good Day Sunshine Café for the entire month of February. On February 7th from 2pm to 4pm I am hosting a "Meet the Artist" reception and hope to see some of you (I know it's Super Bowl Sunday - but, not all of us are football fans).

Good Day Sunshine Café is located at #100 - 2950 King George Boulevard, Surrey.

Creatively yours, Jan

(posted on 29 Jan 2016)

I have been spending a lot of time over the last few months exploring the Gulf Islands of B.C. with my life-love, George. To my mind these islands are truly magical spaces of forests, oceans and ancient rock carved by water and wind. Galiano and Saturna are my favourites. Each visit is different and the landscapes offer something breathtaking and awe-inspiring every time regardless of the season or weather. We have been lucky enough to see transient Orca silently passing by while we sat on a bit of pebbly beach. The sandstone that surrounds each of these truly amazing islands is unique - nature's own artwork. Pocked. Shiny. Polished. Rough. Gouged. Rippled. Curled. Striated. From these visits comes my latest piece "Gulf Island Sandstone" a diptych created of acrylic and mixed media on high profile canvas. (each panel 20 x 20). Highly textured. Find it in My World Gallery.


I'm not a fan of shorter days and darker skies but I find it more enjoyable to paint when it's a bit cooler. The last few weeks have produced a few new pieces - Silent Temples, Temples and Wildflower #4. All are currently hanging at Gallery 1710 in Tsawwassen from now until December 20. There is an Artist's Reception on November 19 from 4-6:30 pm.

November 7th is Meet the Artist at ROAM Gallery at City Centre Mall - 12th and Cambie. I will be there will a large selection of my work from 2-5 pm.

Also I will be showing select pieces at Shine Art Show and Sale on November 14 - 4960 48th Ave., Ladner from 10am - 5 pm.

On November 22 there is a wonderful artist's festival in White Rock. Check out the link for more details and I hope to see you there! http://vendelfestival.weebly.com/beecher-place-nov-22-2014.html

Contact me directly if you have any questions or are interested in any of my work.

The rains are coming so stay dry!

All the best, Jan

(posted on 15 Oct 2015)


I hope to see you to ROAM Gallery for a "Meet the Artists" event on October 15, 2015 from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. ROAM is located at #155-555 W. 12th in Vancouver inside City Square Shopping Centre (at Cambie). I currently have 15 pieces on display from October 07 - November 10, 2015.

Wanted to let you know that I will be showing my work at Roam Gallery from May 8 to June 9, 2015. Artist's reception is May 8th, 2015 from 6 - 10 pm and I would love to see you (or meet you!) there. Thank you so much for your interest in my work. Tell your friends to drop by too . . . If you can't make it on Friday please feel free to book an appointment and I will meet you at the gallery.

City Square Mall - Upper Level, Unit 126, 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada

All the best ~ Jan

Because we are human, we all have more than one world governing our lives. In our outer world, we are physically present and, if fortunate and perhaps wise, can move through birth, youth and middle years into old age with love and friendship to help in the quest we decide upon.

And again, because we are human, each of us also has an inner world, wherein our brains work with, and sometimes against, our natural instincts to move us along specific paths of activity suggested perhaps by ambition, curiosity or some form of self-expression.

Artists don’t have a singular claim on expressing themselves via the trained use of brush and paint, pen and ink, but visual art commands galleries and museums, gathers historical recognition going back thousands of years and sometimes draws incredibly high prices for art whose creators died in poverty and despair. Think of Vincent van Gogh.

Paint My World is South Delta Artists Guild’s current show at Gallery 1710, running now through April 19, and collectively it presents a variety of work from its members. The paintings of four artists in particular show how each very differently explores visual art to “Paint My World,” and, surprisingly, their individual artistic experience ranges from lifetime to less than a year.

Complex, abstract and amazingly detailed, the work of Dennis Walsh demands close attention. This former fisherman began exploring art using marker pens about four years ago. He joined the guild and has gradually expanded his understanding and capacity for expressing his inner world in finely drafted paintings conveyed through markers, chalk, pen and ink, and watercolour.

Quite opposite in mode, technique and purpose is the work of Jacquie Dunn, who takes the viewer of her free-flowing paintings into the forests and landscapes of Canada’s West Coast, recently working around the village of Ucluelet, where Emily Carr did some of her early work. Recently retired after 35 years teaching art in Delta schools, she now has time to paint as she wishes.

“Art is my lifelong passion,” she says, interpreting and sharing her love of the natural world in oils and acrylics, painted with intensity and speed.

Jan Rankin’s paintings have just come on show at Gallery 1710 because she only started painting less than a year ago, after a frustrating “learn to paint” party set her off to explore on her own, buying the most inexpensive basics needed and experimentally splashing on the paint. She joined the guild a few months ago, learned, and now has five paintings in the current show. Striking in design and colour concept, her work presents a vivid and original interpretation.

“I paint from my heart” she says, and it shows.

France’s Art Deco movement from about 1920 to 1940 is inspiring the work of Ladner artist Jodie Blaney, whose paintings of the harbours and scenery of Ladner and Steveston have proved popular over several years. Rich colours, somewhat geometric forms and elegant curves show the careful design process of the artist, whose major influences continue to be Lawren Harris and Emily Carr.

Paint My World runs through April 19 at Gallery 1710 (1710-56th St., Tsawwassen). The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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