Jan Rankin


(posted on 25 Aug 2019)

It's hard to believe how something as simple as rearranging the placement of a few things in my studio could make such an enormous difference. About 3 months ago I cleared everything out and set up my studio in a different way thinking that it would make my space more usable and efficient. That didn't happen. Instead, I found myself almost unable to enter into my coveted place. The angles were all wrong. My work bench seemed to cut me off before I could even cross the threshold and while my large easel was in a good place for light it couldn't seem to easily access anything else. 

The whole space - my space - felt unwelcoming and my just muse sat outside the door waiting for me to figure the problem. My problem started by looking at another artist's work space and thinking how amazing it seemed! And so I tried to make mine like that. Problem is, I am not that artist and my space is about 10 times smaller :) There was no real hope that it would work for me. Mostly, because it was not mine. 

Artist's studios are like chef's kitchens. The space needs to work for that particular creative mind and body. Our ability to move about and think. To play. To test. To use our tools. It's very individual and idiosyncratic. 

So, I have pulled everything out again and organized to what works for me. Since then, I have found my way back in to my studio, my muse has followed and new work has begun.