Jan Rankin


There is another juried event coming up in a few weeks that I am contemplating entering. My last foray was a bust! In looking at the submission details of the next show I'm a bit taken aback to see that jurors is also one of the jurors from "the bust"! My work is recently completed pieces I was thinking of trying again - you know, different show  - different criteria - different jurors. Not knowing if this particular individual liked my work or not is a bit unsettling and puts another challenge before me. What are the considerations for me: the concepts of the two shows are very different and the works should judged in a different way (my thoughts - but hey - ya never know). There are still 2 other jurors who may or may like them and the other truth is there is no possible means to know the competition. And none of that matters anyway. It's all in the moment when the work is being considered. 

If you want people to see your work you have to put it out there. Or at least try. Most artists I know want to know who is jurying a show before they submit. I don't want to know because it doesn't matter - you can't create a work for a team of three. It's a crap shoot. Everytime. I suppose I should run with my first thoughts. Give it a go.