Jan Rankin


(posted on 31 Jul 2019)

The other day I stopped into the local art supply shop. As I live in a small community it would be fair to say it is a small store compared to the much larger suppliers that are at least 45 - 60 minutes away on a good day (in Vancouver that means there is no one else on the road and no rain). While grabbing a few tubes of my favourite Golden Acrylics to replenish my personal stock for the next go in the art room - I saw a colour I had not yet seen. Smalt. I glanced at the swatch of colour on the outside of the tube, noted how transparent it appeared and wondered if it was blue or purple or . . .

I left the store without it only to return a few days later with the sound of SMALT running around in my head. I had to have it - just so I could see it against a piece of white canvas. Like the name Smuckers I believed it had to be good. After all, it looks like a blend of my two favourite colours from childhood - royal blue and regal purple. On examination (finger smearing) I can say it seems more purple than blue. Either way I am already thinking of a piece that is already on the go to layer this juicy transparent paint onto. And, I like the word - Smalt!