Jan Rankin


(posted on 28 May 2019)

I ran into a fellow artist in our local art supply store a few weeks ago and I asked if she was entering any of her work into an upcoming juried competition. This woman, who (I think) is a deliciously talented painter with a strong group of collectors who gobble up many of her distinctive works looked me in the eye and said, "I don't think so ~ I'm not a technical painter so I don't do well in these types of things. I want to be able to tell my story my way on the canvas. My work doesn't jury well". Huh. 

Interesting. This is a well trained artist with a great pedigree of schools and instructors. So she knows the technical bits and chooses to express herself in spite of that knowledge. Her work is brilliant, colourful, dynamic, full of movement and has a voice all its own. It's kind of magical.  

She went on to tell me (because I asked) about all of her upcoming events and shows. Jurors may not necessarily give her work the marks required to get into a competition but gallery owners, event coordinators and the buying public love her stuff! 

We moved our conversation to the price of art supplies and how we buy them anyway - because - it's impossible not to buy art supplies. We said our goodbyes.

About a week passed and I mentioned to another artist friend about my brief conversation with our mutual art friend. They too had spoken about the same art competition (we are not boring - it's what we do) and the artist from the art store had shared this "I don't think all art is meant to be juried. It's just meant to be enjoyed". 

Personally, I like that thought. It's like permission to colour outside the lines.