Jan Rankin


(posted on 11 Nov 2020)

During the time of "Covid" so far, I have redesigned how I start my days. During the initial shutdown it was easy to let time drift into oblivion thinking that the whole thing would blow over in 2 weeks. Then 4. Then 8 . . . I needed a new way to anchor myself so that time still had meaning and gave me a fresh beginning each morning. 

I started getting up at 5 am (again - this was my pre-Covid rising time) instead of letting wakefulness randomly call my name. This altered bedtime as a result (another anchor to the day). It begins with stretching, journaling, meditation, reading and a bit of looking at a work of art. The peaceful calm of early morning for me is very nourishing. Contemplative. In the summer months I watched the sunrise and as the seasons have revolved and I wait and watch to see what the sky is offering. 

Part of my new reading routine is a page or 2 of poetry. Recently, I picked up a few books by Mary Oliver - "House of Light" and "Red Bird". What has struck me is her love of Vincent Van Gogh as evidenced throughout both books by his name, references and quotes.

Her preface in Red Bird ~

"But, I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things". Vincent Van Gogh

A glorious thought to my start today before work and life call me to task.