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(posted on 30 May 2019)

I don't know why but I didn't take individual photos of these sweet little hearts. Group photo for a FB post. And off they went to the "Flower Shop in the Village". Hearts and flowers speak to people. The little green one has sold and this is the only photo of it. A cell snap and not very clear. I was just in too much of a rush ~ probably thinking I would get around to it and of course I didn't. 

There is another juried event coming up in a few weeks that I am contemplating entering. My last foray was a bust! In looking at the submission details of the next show I'm a bit taken aback to see that jurors is also one of the jurors from "the bust"! My work is recently completed pieces I was thinking of trying again - you know, different show  - different criteria - different jurors. Not knowing if this particular individual liked my work or not is a bit unsettling and puts another challenge before me. What are the considerations for me: the concepts of the two shows are very different and the works should judged in a different way (my thoughts - but hey - ya never know). There are still 2 other jurors who may or may like them and the other truth is there is no possible means to know the competition. And none of that matters anyway. It's all in the moment when the work is being considered. 

If you want people to see your work you have to put it out there. Or at least try. Most artists I know want to know who is jurying a show before they submit. I don't want to know because it doesn't matter - you can't create a work for a team of three. It's a crap shoot. Everytime. I suppose I should run with my first thoughts. Give it a go. 

(posted on 28 May 2019)

I ran into a fellow artist in our local art supply store a few weeks ago and I asked if she was entering any of her work into an upcoming juried competition. This woman, who (I think) is a deliciously talented painter with a strong group of collectors who gobble up many of her distinctive works looked me in the eye and said, "I don't think so ~ I'm not a technical painter so I don't do well in these types of things. I want to be able to tell my story my way on the canvas. My work doesn't jury well". Huh. 

Interesting. This is a well trained artist with a great pedigree of schools and instructors. So she knows the technical bits and chooses to express herself in spite of that knowledge. Her work is brilliant, colourful, dynamic, full of movement and has a voice all its own. It's kind of magical.  

She went on to tell me (because I asked) about all of her upcoming events and shows. Jurors may not necessarily give her work the marks required to get into a competition but gallery owners, event coordinators and the buying public love her stuff! 

We moved our conversation to the price of art supplies and how we buy them anyway - because - it's impossible not to buy art supplies. We said our goodbyes.

About a week passed and I mentioned to another artist friend about my brief conversation with our mutual art friend. They too had spoken about the same art competition (we are not boring - it's what we do) and the artist from the art store had shared this "I don't think all art is meant to be juried. It's just meant to be enjoyed". 

Personally, I like that thought. It's like permission to colour outside the lines. 




(posted on 16 Feb 2019)




February 16 @ 12:00 pm - March 9 @ 4:00 pm

* Deerlake Gallery Hours: Closed Sunday/Monday and all holidays

Horizons is an exhibition that will be held at the Deer Lake Art Gallery featuring the works of Deb Chaney, Jan Rankin, Wolfgang Vogt & Ronald Wattand is hosted and organized by the Burnaby Arts Council.  The exhibition will open Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 12 to 4 pm and will run until March 9, 2019.


Horizons is a unique exhibition showcasing a diverse selections of an artist’s perspective of a landscape.  Horizons includes a rich and varied survey of the natural world.    Exploring the relationship between painting, glass and the abstract.  Horizons brings together for the first time 4 outstanding artists with differing views featuring Deb Chaney, Jan Rankin, Wolfgang Vogt & Ronald Watt.


Deb Chaney is a contemporary abstract artist, speaker, & workshop facilitator. Recently named by Vancouver City Buzz and Culture Trip as one of the top 10 contemporary artists to watch in Vancouver, her artwork has been featured in Style At Home Magazine, The Georgia Strait, thrice on the homepage for Saatchi Online Gallery, in Rainmaker Films and on Telus TV. She teaches and speaks about the creative process and living an inspired empowered life.


The infinite and ever changing sky is the jumping off point for most of Jan Rankin’s work.  Rankin’s “Dark Night Skies” series of auroras and galaxies


Ever since Wolfgang Vogt visited a glass studio many years ago he has been fascinated with the art of glass and its many forms.  Vogt’s sculpture are in natural and abstract forms and each one is a unique piece of art.  Their varying colours bring to life the different seasons.


Ronald Watt is an autodidact artist from South Africa, now resident in North Vancouver, B.C. His preferred theme is landscapes for which he draws inspiration from the South African “Highveld” and “Karoo” regions with their vast plains and big skies.  Ronald holds signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists and is regularly accepted for the Federation’s group exhibitions. Since 1974 he has exhibited extensively in South Africa, including with the South African Association of Art


Please join us at the Deer Lake Art Gallery for the OPENING Horizons on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 @ 12 pm.

(posted on 12 Feb 2019)

"Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never want to die
Born to be Wild!"


Every once in awhile a line of a song (or a few) will take hold of my heart or my head and stay there with persistence nudging at me until I make it sing on a canvas. The first such incarnation of a song was "Born to be Wild" ~ the painting is created by feelings of freedom and joy.  The energy of wild nature. 


With great gratitude on this Valentine's Day - all my hearts have a home. All You Need is Love, Flux & Reign. None were purchased for this day but because each one spoke to the buyer on a very emotional level. I had the wonderful opportunity to be inspired by the prose of local Vancouver writer Derrick Bauman and from his words came these works. 


(posted on 2 Feb 2018)

The sun is finally coming out this morning after what feels like months of rain (a bit of an exaggeration)! I have been busy in the studio but not so good at posting as pieces come to completion. However, today there are 4 new works on my website and I hope you will enjoy them.


Two pieces in the Dark Night Sky series "NIGHT MOVES" & "WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN" . . . clearly, music inspires me :)


In a departure from my usual palette and style are "WHERE THE SALMON RUN - (The Mighty Fraser)" & "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE - (BC Interior Desert & Lakes). 


With gratitude, 




I'm so happy that "North Shore'' has been accepted to the 2017 Painting on the Edge Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver July 18 - August 6/17. Painting on the Edge is an International open call, competition and exhibition open to all artists worldwide. (Best to open the photo to see the whole painting). The Federation Gallery is at 1241 Cartwright, Granville Island.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 40" x 16"

(posted on 23 May 2017)

I'm so pleased that "Anticipation" has been accepted by jury into the upcoming Oil & Water exhibition at Gallery 1710 in Tsawwassen, BC. This is one from a series of 4 pieces. All pieces can be seen in the Seasons Gallery page on my website.

Reception is June 1, 2017 from 6:30 - 8:30. I look forward to seeing you there!

Exhibit runs from June 1 to 24, 2017. There are 83 amazing works.

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